Java web application development can be simple, fast and fun!

Yes! You can build a database-backed web application in Java in only three steps.

Step 0: Setup a customerservice_development database

CREATE DATABASE customerservice_development;
USE customerservice_development;

CREATE TABLE entries (
  id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  name       varchar(30),
  content    text,
  created_at timestamp,

Step 1: Create the app

scooter> java -jar tools/create.jar customerservice

Step 2: Generate scaffold code

scooter> java -jar tools/generate.jar customerservice scaffold entry

Step 3: Start the new web app and browse CRUDly http://localhost:8080/customerservice/entries

scooter> java -jar tools/server.jar customerservice

By typing an extra 5 characters in step 2, you can make this a single-page AJAX CRUD app.

A video is worth a million words

No more tedious compile, deploy, shutdown, and restart.

Just edit/save your Java code, and refresh your browser. No turnaround.

Hello World from Scooter Customer Feedbacks video

Note: all screencasts can be downloaded from here.

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What is Scooter framework?

Scooter framework is a highly-productive, full-stack pure Java web framework.

Scooter brings you Rails-like simplicity and dynamism in J2EE development.

Scooter allows you to dynamically build an app without learning script languages.