Active Record Callbacks

About Callbacks

Callbacks are methods that get called during an object instance's lifecycle. Callbacks happen when an ActiveRecord instance is loaded, created, deleted, or updated.

The following table lists callback triggers, related callback methods and default behavior of the callback methods:

Trigger Before After
reload() beforeFind(): do nothing afterFind(): do nothing
create() beforeCreate(): validatesRecordBeforeCreate() afterCreate(): do nothing
delete() beforeDelete(): validatesRecordBeforeDelete() afterDelete(): do nothing
update() beforeUpdate(): validatesRecordBeforeUpdate() afterUpdate(): do nothing
updateChanged() beforeUpdateChanged(): validatesRecordBeforeUpdate() afterUpdateChanged(): do nothing
save() beforeSave(): validatesRecordBeforeSave() afterSave(): do nothing
setData() beforeSetData(): creates a backup copy of the current record data afterSetData(): records those columns that are modified and sets dirty flag

Writing Callback Methods

Most of time, the default behavior of callback methods is good enough. If you do need to use your own callback implementation, just simply override those beforeXXX() and afterXXX() methods in the above table.