Expanded directory

You can either deploy a Scooter powered application in an expanded directory structure or deploy a war file. The former method supports Jetty web server, while the latter should work for all web servers accepting war files.

We strongly recommand that you use the expanded directory structure in development environment as you can do "type-and-click" style development.

War file

You can easily create a war file by using the provided ant script.

> ant war -DappPath=webapps/blog

The above ant command will create a blog.war file under build/war/ directory.

Special note for Tomcat: before deploying a war file to a Tomcat server, you need to do one more thing:

Open {TomcatInstallationDir}/bin/setenv.bat (Windows) or {TomcatInstallationDir}/bin/ (Linux/UNIX) and add the following line:

For Tomcat 5.x and 6.x:
set JAVA_OPTS=-Dtomcat=true -Dapp.logs=c:\demo\logs
For Tomcat 7.x:
set -Dapp.logs=c:\demo\logs

If the setenv.bat or file does not exist, you simply create one.