Scooter comes with a set of tools to help development. All tools are located under tools/ directory.

To get a more detailed help on how to use a tool jar and some examples, just open a terminal and type the following command:

> java -jar tools/name_of_a_tool.jar -help

The following table is a summary of all tool jars.

codestats.jar This utility counts code lines. If file exensions are not specified, default extensions are: css, java, jsp, js, xml, html, htm, and properties.
console.jar This utility provides a simple console utility where you can perform certain operations such as camelize, pluralize, singularize and titleize etc.
connection-test.jar This utility tests database connection.
create.jar This utility creates an application by customizing a few template files.
generate.jar This utility generates code. It can generate controller, model or scaffold code.
generate-signon.jar This utility generates signon code. It can generate a signon controller, login and logout views and a landing view after successful login.
server.jar This utility starts an embedded Jetty web server for JDK1.5 or above.