Package com.scooterframework.autoloader

Class Summary
AutoLoaderConfig AutoLoaderConfig class configs autoloading related properties.
ClassManager ClassManager class
ClassWork ClassWork class knows how to modify class byte codes.
ClassWorkHelper ClassWorkHelper class has help methods related to class transformation work.
ClassWorkSource ClassWorkSource class contains source code to be inserted to an application class.
CompileErrors class CompileErrors represents compile errors.
CompileEvent class CompileEvent represents a compile result event.
ErrorItem class ErrorItem represents a compile error.
FileMonitor FileMonitor is responsible for monitoring file changes.
JavaCompiler JavaCompiler class provides helper methods to compile Java source files.
LoadedClass Loaded class contains information about the class loaded.
MyClassLoader MyClassLoader class
SourceFile SourceFile contains information on source file and its corresponding class file.
SourceFileHelper SourceFileHelper contains helper methods on source file and its corresponding class file.

Exception Summary
CompileException class CompileException