Class TableSqlPageListSource

  extended by com.scooterframework.orm.misc.PageListSource
      extended by com.scooterframework.orm.misc.SqlPageListSourceImpl
          extended by com.scooterframework.builtin.databrowser.TableSqlPageListSource

public class TableSqlPageListSource
extends SqlPageListSourceImpl

TableSqlPageListSource class retrieves paged record list for a specific table. Finder SQL query is derived from the table.

Finder SQL query example:

                SELECT * FROM employees

Field Summary
protected  java.lang.String tableName
Fields inherited from class com.scooterframework.orm.misc.SqlPageListSourceImpl
connName, finderSql
Fields inherited from class com.scooterframework.orm.misc.PageListSource
inputOptions, limit, log, offset, recordList, recount, totalCount
Constructor Summary
TableSqlPageListSource(java.lang.String connName, java.lang.String tableName)
          Constructs a TableSqlPageListSource object.
Method Summary
protected  java.util.List<RowData> retrieveList()
          Retrieves list of records.
Methods inherited from class com.scooterframework.orm.misc.SqlPageListSourceImpl
Methods inherited from class com.scooterframework.orm.misc.PageListSource
checkOffset, execute, getLimitX, getOffset, getRecordList, getTotalCount, setInputs, setLimit, setOffset, setRecount
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


protected java.lang.String tableName
Constructor Detail


public TableSqlPageListSource(java.lang.String connName,
                              java.lang.String tableName)
Constructs a TableSqlPageListSource object. If database connection name connName is empty, default connection as defined in database properties file is used.

connName - database connection name.
tableName - table name.
Method Detail


protected java.util.List<RowData> retrieveList()
Description copied from class: PageListSource
Retrieves list of records.

retrieveList in class SqlPageListSourceImpl
list of records