Package com.scooterframework.common.util

Class Summary
BeanUtil BeanUtil class has helper methods on beans.
Converters Converters class has all kinds of convert methods.
CurrentThreadCache CurrentThreadCache class is a local store for current request.
CurrentThreadCacheClient CurrentThreadCacheClient class.
DateUtil DateUtil class has helper methods for rendering date and time.
ExpandedMessage ExpandedMessage represents a parsed message the content of which is a combination of the message associated with the messageKey stored in a resource file and the values related to the message.
FileUtil FileUtil class has helper methods for files and directories.
Message Message represents a general purpose message.
NamedProperties NamedProperties class holds a Properties object and its name.
ObjectFactory ObjectFactory class has helper methods for object creation.
OrderedProperties The OrderedProperties class extends Properties class.
PropertyFileUtil PropertyFileUtil
StringUtil StringUtil class has methods on string manipulation.
Util Util class has helper methods not included in other util classes.
WordUtil Conversion between singular and plural form of a noun word.