Package com.scooterframework.orm.activerecord

Interface Summary
ReferenceData ReferenceData interface contains common methods to access reference data.

Class Summary
ActiveRecord ActiveRecord represents a dynamic record in a particular database.
ActiveRecordClass ActiveRecord defines static operations that each subclass of the ActiveRecord class must implement.
ActiveRecordConstants ActiveRecordConstants class holds all constants used in ActiveRecord.
ActiveRecordUtil ActiveRecordUtil class has helper methods.
AssociatedRecord AssociatedRecord class contains an associated ActiveRecord object and its owner.
AssociatedRecords AssociatedRecords class contains a list of ActiveRecord objects and its owner.
AssociatedRecordsHM AssociatedRecordsHM class contains a list of ActiveRecord objects and its owner in a has-many association.
AssociatedRecordsHMT AssociatedRecordsHMT class contains a list of ActiveRecord objects and its owner in a has-many-through association.
AssociatedRecordsInCategory AssociatedRecordsInCategory class contains a list of ActiveRecord objects and its owner for a category.
AssociationHelper Helper class has helper methods for ActiveRecord.
BelongsToRecordRelation BelongsToRecordRelation class represents a has-one relation instance.
BelongsToRelation BelongsToRelation class has information about belongs-to relationship between objects.
Calculator Calculator class contains basic calculation methods for an entity.
Category Category class holds information about a category of entities.
HasManyRecordRelation HasManyRecordRelation class represents a has-many relation instance.
HasManyRelation HasManyRelation class has information about has-many relationship between objects.
HasManyThroughRecordRelation HasManyThroughRecordRelation class represents a has-many-trough relation instance.
HasManyThroughRelation HasManyThroughRelation class has information about has-many-through relationship between objects.
HasOneRecordRelation HasOneRecordRelation class represents a has-one relation instance.
HasOneRelation HasOneRelation class has information about has-one relationship between objects.
IncludeHelper IncludeHelper class has helper methods for SQL queries with include option.
IncludeNode IncludeData holds details about an include option element.
ModelValidators ModelValidators contains validation methods to validate a model record.
QueryBuilder QueryBuilder class provides flexible methods for building a query.
QueryHelper QueryHelper class provides helper methods for query construction.
RecordRelation RecordRelation class represents a relation instance.
ReferenceDataLoader ReferenceDataLoader is responsible for loading reference data.
ReferenceDataRecord ReferenceDataRecord class
ReferenceDataStore ReferenceDataStore class holds static reference data for all users.
Relation Relation class has information about relationship between objects.
RelationManager RelationManager class manages relations.
TableGateway TableGateway class implements Table Data Gateway pattern.

Exception Summary
AlreadyAttachedException class AlreadyAttachedException
RecordValidationException class RecordValidationException
RelationException class RelationException
UndefinedRelationException class UndefinedRelationException
UndefinedReverseRelationException class UndefinedReverseRelationException
UnregisteredCategoryException class UnregisteredCategoryException
UnsupportedEntityInCategoryException class RelationException
UnsupportedRelationTypeException class UnsupportedRelationTypeException
WrongRecordTypeException class WrongRecordTypeException