Package com.scooterframework.orm.sqldataexpress.object

Interface Summary
OmniDTOBasic OmniDTOBasic interface defines methods for all situations.
OmniDTOJdbcStatement OmniDTOJdbcStatement interface defines methods for results from jdbc statement processing.
OmniDTOStoredFunction OmniDTOStoredFunction interface defines methods for results from stored functions.
OmniDTOStoredProcedure OmniDTOStoredProcedure interface defines methods for results from stored procedures.
RESTified RESTfied defines methods for operating as a resource.

Class Summary
ColumnInfo ColumnInfo class.
Cursor Cursor meta data class which is basically a row meata data object.
Function Function class.
JdbcStatement JdbcStatement class.
JdbcStatementParameter JdbcStatementParameter class.
OmniDTO OmniDTO class.
OracleParameter OracleParameter class has Oracle specific parameter handling methods.
Parameter Parameter class.
ParameterFactory ParameterFactory class creates Parameter instances of different vendor types.
PrimaryKey PrimaryKey class holds config information about a specific table.
RowData RowData class represents a row in TableData object.
RowInfo RowInfo class holds meta data information about a row.
StoredProcedure StoredProcedure class.
TableData TableData class contains table data which consists of both header and body.
TableInfo TabelInfo class holds configure information about a specific table or view.